Madam Guladia T. Nyamalon delivers Keynote Speech at 4th Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony of NEPS

 Due to our commitment to educate and groom young African leaders, We were recognized to serve as the Keynote Speaker of these young minds. 

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Keynote Speech [ full text ]

4th Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony at the Nyenoweh Eston Preporatory School ( NEPS) on the GSA Road, Paynesville.

By: Madam Guladia T. Nyamalon

August 28, 2021

It is always a joy for me to talk to little children. It is even a bigger joy for me today to speak to children who are so determined to become somebody? Just looking at them melts my heart. Look at them...looking so beautiful. You all have done well. Clap for yourselves. Thanks to the Proprietress and the Administration of the Nyenoweh Eston Preparatory School for the opportunity. It is a great opportunity.

Today, you mothers, fathers, grandparents...and our Teachers are proud of your little ones. So am I. You deserve to be proud because you can see the result of your effort...from the first day they stood up and took the first step to walk, to the first day you heard them say the first the first day you held their hands to write has been quite a journey...and today, they are graduating from Kindergarten. We are proud of you, parents and guardians. Give yourselves a very big hand clap.

To you our little ones, know that today you have taken your biggest first step in life. Today, you have crossed the Bridge into real life. What you were doing is what we call pre-school. That is where they train and prepare you for the big step ahead....that is where you show that you are serious to take that big step. Where you are about to go to now is called First Grade. That is your big first step.

 You are going to meet new challenges, but I know that those challenges cannot overcome you. You know why? Because you have already beaten the biggest challenge by crossing the bridge today. Crossing over a bridge is difficult. Do you know how you managed to cross over the bridge from Kindergarten to First Grade? You kept your little light shining. You worked hard. You studied hard. Now, you are on the other side. Do you know how you will overcome? You will overcome by keeping your light shining. We have this old saying that "Do not forget the ancient landmark." Which means, do not forget what was done in the past to give you good result. I am telling you today, do not forget what you did to reach here. Do not forget to always work hard. Do not forget to always let your light shine. 

 Always have it in your minds to shine anywhere you go. Each of you...anywhere you find yourselves, always have it in your minds that you must shine. How do you shine? You shine by working hard. You shine by being attentive. You shine by doing things right. You shine by following instructions. You shine by working harder than everybody else around. There is this poem I performed in Kindergarten that says:

“If your work is hard to do

Try, try, try.

Do not sit down and cry

Or you ask the reason why

Time is going going

Try, try.”

 I still live by these words today. I urge you all to live by these words also. Always try, try ,try, no matter how hard it may be.

With this mindset, you will always do great things. I am going to use one big word...Determination. Always be determined to shine. You know, some 20 plus years ago, when I did my Valedictorian Speech, my  topic was "Determination Determines Destiny". Never forget. Always tell yourselves that "This little light of mine, I'm determined that I am always going to let it shine."

Go into the world and shine...shine forever!!!

Thank you.

📷s by: Mr. Lekpele  Nyamalon 

@ Nyenoweh Eston Preporatory School

Miss Liberia Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis Re-Introduced


"The sky is your limit" is fast becoming a cliché and and a thing of the past for African women across the continent. Such is the case of Mrs. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis who has crashed the proverbial glass ceiling, from a Beauty Queen to an Attorney-At-Law!!! Mrs. Weeks-Lewis emerged as the winner of the Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant in 2007. However, this did not serve as a source of satisfaction for the Queen.  

Miss Liberia 2006/2007-Bendu Parker Weeks

Her refusal to embrace that as her greatest accomplishment kept her focused on her education and attained her University Degree, thereafter moving on into the professional world as Director of Training/External Relations & Projects at the Internal Audit Agency in Liberia.

With no intension of making complacency her bedfellow, the former Miss Liberia  remained steadfast and moved, keeping her eyes on her goal which landed her into the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia. Her hard work paid off on August 6, 2021 when she graduated and got admitted into the Montserrado County Bar, thus becoming a full fledged member of the National Bar Association of Liberia. What's so intriguing about the attainment of this mighty feat is the fact that not only did Attorney Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis pass the test, she made it to the top with an average of 91% in six distinctive courses. Now this is remarkable!!! 

In a rather brief comment, the Queen announced her achievement by reintroducing herself: 

Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to reintroduce myself. I am,
Atty. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis, Montserrado County Bar, Liberian National Bar Association, Have a great day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet your latest Attorney-At-Law, the beautiful Mrs. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis from Liberia, West Africa.



Government lights up Gbarnga, Bong County!!!

 The government of Liberia has finally switched on solar panel lights through the main streets of Gbarnga in Bong County.

The initiative is under the "Presidential Street Lights Project", aimed at electrifying all counties' capitals.

At the start of his recently held Counties Appreciation Tour in Bong County, President Weah promised to electrify the main streets of Gbarnga through his street lights project.

Though the project dragged on for a while after the President's visit, but it finally came to full swing on Saturday July 31, 2021, following a special visit by Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill.

Minister McGill was accompanied by Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, and Justice Minister and Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean.

Officially turning on the switch to the lights, CDC Bong County Lawmaker, Marvin Cole, stated that the project is a significant step by President Weah in decentralizing the activities of his government.

Rep. Cole noted that the turning on of the lights has silenced critics who had earlier cast doubt over the implementation of the project.

The Bong County District #3 Lawmaker used the medium to thank Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill, for ensuring the successful completion of the project that was once described as a failure.

He said the electrification of Gbarnga demonstrates the President's love and gratitude to the people of Bong County for their overwhelming support in 2017.

Rep. Cole at the same time assured citizens that the CDC led government will continue to factor Bong County into its development agenda.

The solar panel lights stretch from the Old Gbarnga Iron Gate to Old Facebook, along the Ganta Highway.


Reported By: Joseph Armstrong Doloyuwah

I did not promise development : Senator Henrique Tokpa's Kayata dies slowly

At least two thousand persons are said to be in dire need of safe drinking water in Kayata, Bong County, as the town suffers acute water shortage. Kayata is the birth place of then President of the Cuttington University, now Senator of Bong County, Dr. Henrique Tokpa.

Explaining their ordeal, the Youth President of Kayata, Habakkuk Leetor, lamented that inhabitants of the town are currently fetching drinking water from a nearby creek. Mr. Leetor noted that residents, particularly women and children, normally fall prey to malaria and other minor illnesses due to the lack of safe drinking water in the town. 

He also told newsmen that the entire community and it's surroundings do not have access to health facilities. "Whenever a woman falls sick or is in pain here, she has to be carried on motorbike or in a vehicle to the C. B. Dunbar or Phebe hospital", Leetor said.

Mr. Leetor stressed the urgent need for the construction of a clinic in the town to cater to the entire Kporyorquelleh Clan.

The Kayata Youth President however named bad road network as a major contributing factor to some of the problems confronting the town. He said the major road that connects the town with Sinyea and Phebe is currently in a deplorable condition, thus making life more difficult for inhabitants, especially during the rainy season.

Mr. Leetor, on behalf of citizens of the community and it's environs, launched an appeal for goodwill individuals and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid. At the same time, several residents of the town have hugely criticized Senator Tokpa for abandoning a community that holds his navel-string.

Speaking on the basis of anonymity, aggrieved Kayata residents noted that Senator Tokpa's last visit in the town was during his 2018 Senatorial campaign. They said it was shamefully woeful to note that the home of a seated Senator does not have access to basic social services.

Senator Tokpa who is on record for openly saying he didn't promise development during his campaign in 2018, seems to be carefree, evidenced by his continued silence on issues confronting his kinsmen.

Reported by: Joseph Armstrong Doloyuwah


Poor Preparation...Garbage: DJ Blue has trashed BBL!!!

In the midst of the scandal coming out of the reality TV show, DJ Blue has expressed:

" My Take on the Gary Issue:

I don't think most people realize the resources allotted for BBA or BBN for productions, Housemates counselling,  Marketing and so on.

I saw first hand production of BBA in South Africa years ago.. This is not Children Play Folks.

The fact of the Issue Is Garbage in, Garbage Out.

Preparation is Key.

Absolutely no pun intended..."

VIDEO: Hon. Moses Acarous Gray engages girlfriend in private ceremony in Abidjan

Hon. Moses Academia Gray, the Representative of District #8 in Montserrado County said goodbye to the motherland for a while to spend his 26 in neighboring Côte d'Ivoire. He travelled with his girlfriend on a romantic journey for the purpose of popping the question: "Will you marry me?" In a private ceremony, under romantic music, the Honorable proposed to the lovely Ms. Love Weah. 

Watch video and see pictures below:

Hon. Gray informed the world of his engagement with a very short note that reads: 


Only the two of us honey,

Love Weah ."

Love Weah also was not leaving behind with the announcement. She wrote: 

"Wish I could stop time and relive this moment over and over again. I get to do forever with my whole heart in human form. I love you honey. #GraysayIdo #2021"

Upon their arrival in the Ivory Coast for their engagement, Love Weah wrote:

"It took a lot to get here. First plane ✈️ next boat 🛥but we are here so let the relaxation begin. Thanks be to God for traveling mercies. After leaving #cotedivoire as a young girl in 1994 I finally return as a grown woman."

VIDEO: Listen to Irea Cooper, sexual assault victim, speak

Listen to her speak! The lady who Gary attempted to rape is a 19-year old medical student. She happens to be an advocate for young people, especially young girls. She believes that a lady does not have to devalue herself to be validated. Yet her housemate tried to devalue her on a worldwide platform, on live video. Can y'all begin to imagine this right now? She is very eloquent and knows what she's about. Listen to her: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO:

VIDEO: Man Picked up for sexual harassment!!!


The man who was caught on camera sexually harassing a sleeping woman has been picked up by authorities in Liberia. Watch video below:

 READ ALSO: Breaking!!! Man sexually harasses sleeping woman on camera

He later rendered a rather disrespectful apology, talking about he understands this was inconvenient... INCONVENIET??? WOW!!! 

READ ALSO: "I understand it was extremely inconvenient.." - Man caught harassing woman on camera apologizes


"I understand it was extremely inconvenient.." - Man caught harassing woman on camera apologizes

Man who was caught on camera sexually harassing his fellow housemate at a reality TV show has rendered a rather disrespectful apology. Read what he wrote below:

Breaking!!! Man sexually harasses sleeping woman on camera


This man has been caught on camera sexually harassing a woman. According to a statement from the ongoing Big Brabee Liberia reality TV show, this man known as "Gary The Blogger" has been disqualified from the without any present or future benefits for indulging into sexual acts with his fellow housemate, Irea, while she was asleep. Read full Statement below:

" GARY has been disqualified from Brabee's House due to misconduct by inappropriately touching another Flatmate (Irea) without her consent; while she was asleep.

Gary is the first person to be disqualified from Brabee's House without any current benefits or future benefits from the organization.


Team BBL."

BREAKING!!! Cummings Africa Foundation opens treatment unit at St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital

Happening now!!! Live video coverage as Cummings Africa Foundation opens a treatment unit at the St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital in Monrovia. Watch:

Madam Guladia T. Nyamalon delivers Keynote Speech at 4th Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony of NEPS

 Due to our commitment to educate and groom young African leaders, We were recognized to serve as the Keynote Speaker of these young minds. ...