First "She" Vice Chancellor at University of Ghana, Legon


Women winning everywhere. I am so proud of the University of Ghana, Legon, my alma mater. Today, the first "She" Vice Chancellor was appointed at the University of Ghana, Legon, in person of Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo. Congratulations, Prof. Go and serve well. Read below:

"Council of the University of Ghana has, today, October 20, 2021 appointed Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo as the substantive Vice-Chancellor of the University. The appointment takes effect from October 26, 2021.

Prof. Amfo by this appointment becomes the first woman to occupy the position of Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana."

SOURCE: University of Ghana, Legon.




Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo was born in Kumasi. Following her nursery education at the then University Primary School (now KNUST Basic School), she continued her basic education at Services Primary School (Takoradi) and Goldfields Schools Complex (Tarkwa). She had her secondary education at Holy Child School (O’ Level, 1988) and Archbishop Porter Girls’ Secondary School (A’ Level, 1990). She proceeded to the University of Ghana, from 1991 to 1996, for a Bachelor’s degree in French and Linguistics. Both her MPhil (2001) and PhD (2007) degrees in Linguistics are from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, where she studied with sponsorship from the Norwegian government under the then Quota Programme. Professor Amfo has received additional training in higher education management and leadership from Harvard Business School, University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and INSEAD, France.

Professor Amfo’s career in academia started in 2001 as a Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics after her Master’s degree. In 2007, the same year she obtained her PhD degree, she was promoted Senior Lecturer. Her promotion to Associate Professor was in 2011, and Professor in 2017. Professor Amfo’s research interests are in the linguistic sub-discipline of Pragmatics, which allows her to explore the role that context plays in our conversational interactions and how that influences communication in different domains. Her research resulting in several publications in nationally and internationally reputable journals such as Acta Linguistica Hafnensia, Current Issues in Language Planning, Discourse and Society, Ghana Journal of Linguistics, Journal of Pragmatics, Journal of West African Languages, Legon Journal of the Humanities, Lingua, Linguistics, Nordic Journal of African Studies, Nordic Journal of Linguistics, Pragmatics, and Studies in African Linguistics, have covered the role of function words in communication, information structure, grammaticalisation, language use in specific domains such as health, gendered contexts, politics, religion and migratory contexts. Her (edited) books and book chapters have been published by Ayebia Clarke Publishing Company, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Novus Press, Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) and Sub-Saharan Publishers. Her recently (2018) co-authored textbook on Therapeutic Communication Competencies for Nurses and Midwives, commissioned by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, is published by DigiBooks.

Professor Amfo has acquired extensive multi-cultural experience through various professional engagements in twenty countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. These engagements include giving competitive and invited talks, serving as external assessor and engaging with research and professional collaborators. She has been an external examiner for a number of Universities including University of Nairobi, Kenya; University of the Western Cape, South Africa; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; Stockholm University, Sweden and University of Education, Winneba.

Professor Amfo is currently Dean of the School of Languages at the University of Ghana. She previously served as the Head of the Department of Linguistics (2013 – 2014). She has participated in the governance of the University of Ghana through her service on several statutory and adhoc boards and committees. These include her current membership of the Business and Executive Committee, and University and College of Humanities Academic Boards. She has served on the Boards of the School of Graduate Studies (2012 – 2016) and Office of Research Innovation and Development (ORID [2014 – 2018]). She previously served as the Chair of the Management Board of the University Basic School (2011 – 2016), the College of Humanities Senior and Junior Staff Appointments and Promotions Committee (2014 – 2018) and the Mentoring and Professional Development Sub-committee of the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA), University of Ghana (2010 – 2013). She was the University of Ghana’s representative on the Catholic University College Appointments and Promotions Committee (2011 – 2016). She currently chairs the School of Languages Management Committee and is a member of the College of Humanities Advisory Board. Professor Amfo is a life member of the University of Ghana Alumni Association and a member of its Council. She also serves as a Tutor of Mensah Sarbah Hall.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities on Legon campus and at the Accra City Campus, Professor Amfo has (co)supervised four undergraduate students, eighteen Master’s students and five PhD students for their long essays and theses. She is currently supervising one PhD student and co-supervising two others. Her passion for mentoring particularly younger professional women has driven her to organise and or facilitate several capacity building training programmes in both the public and private higher education sectors, as well as in other public and private organisations. She has been a consultant trainer for the Nursing and Midwifery Council of

Ghana. Professor Amfo is currently an Advisory Board member of the Coalition of People Against Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Harmful Practices (CoPASH) – A UNFPA supported programme.

Professor Amfo is a member of several professional associations including the Society of Communication, Medicine and Ethics, International Pragmatics Association (where she serves on its Consultation Board; the first African to serve in this capacity since the Association’s establishment in 1986), West African Linguistics Society and Linguistics Association of Ghana (where she served as President from 2010 – 2014). She is a pioneer fellow, senior scholar and Chair of the Steering Committee of the African Humanities Program of the American Council of Learned Societies. She is also a fellow of the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD), Commonwealth Professionals Fellowship and the prestigious International Women’s Forum Leadership Program. Professor Amfo has recently been awarded a Georg Foster Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Professor Amfo is a Christian who worships at Praise Community Church, Adenta. She is married to Frank Amfo and the couple have been blessed with three lovely children – Yoofi, Maame Araba and Efua Benyiwa.

Profile Courtesy: TV3 Ghana

Madam Guladia T. Nyamalon delivers Keynote Speech at 4th Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony of NEPS

 Due to our commitment to educate and groom young African leaders, We were recognized to serve as the Keynote Speaker of these young minds. A 4th grade female student was fortunate to win a scholarship under our initiatives.

Read full speech below:

Keynote Speech [ full text ]

4th Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony at the Nyenoweh Eston Preporatory School ( NEPS) on the GSA Road, Paynesville.

By: Madam Guladia Nyamalon

August 28, 2021

It is always a joy for me to talk to little children. It is even a bigger joy for me today to speak to children who are so determined to become somebody? Just looking at them melts my heart. Look at them...looking so beautiful. You all have done well. Clap for yourselves. Thanks to the Proprietress and the Administration of the Nyenoweh Eston Preparatory School for the opportunity. It is a great opportunity.

Today, you mothers, fathers, grandparents...and our Teachers are proud of your little ones. So am I. You deserve to be proud because you can see the result of your effort...from the first day they stood up and took the first step to walk, to the first day you heard them say the first the first day you held their hands to write has been quite a journey...and today, they are graduating from Kindergarten. We are proud of you, parents and guardians. Give yourselves a very big hand clap.

To you our little ones, know that today you have taken your biggest first step in life. Today, you have crossed the Bridge into real life. What you were doing is what we call pre-school. That is where they train and prepare you for the big step ahead....that is where you show that you are serious to take that big step. Where you are about to go to now is called First Grade. That is your big first step.

 You are going to meet new challenges, but I know that those challenges cannot overcome you. You know why? Because you have already beaten the biggest challenge by crossing the bridge today. Crossing over a bridge is difficult. Do you know how you managed to cross over the bridge from Kindergarten to First Grade? You kept your little light shining. You worked hard. You studied hard. Now, you are on the other side. Do you know how you will overcome? You will overcome by keeping your light shining. We have this old saying that "Do not forget the ancient landmark." Which means, do not forget what was done in the past to give you good result. I am telling you today, do not forget what you did to reach here. Do not forget to always work hard. Do not forget to always let your light shine.

With the graduates along side the Proprietress, Madam Victoria Herbert Wollie


 Always have it in your minds to shine anywhere you go. Each of you...anywhere you find yourselves, always have it in your minds that you must shine. How do you shine? You shine by working hard. You shine by being attentive. You shine by doing things right. You shine by following instructions. You shine by working harder than everybody else around. There is this poem I performed in Kindergarten that says:

“If your work is hard to do

Try, try, try.

Do not sit down and cry

Or you ask the reason why

Time is going going

Try, try.”

 I still live by these words today. I urge you all to live by these words also. Always try, try ,try, no matter how hard it may be.

With this mindset, you will always do great things. I am going to use one big word...Determination. Always be determined to shine. You know, some 20 plus years ago, when I did my Valedictorian Speech, my  topic was "Determination Determines Destiny". Never forget. Always tell yourselves that "This little light of mine, I'm determined that I am always going to let it shine."

Presenting certificates to the graduates

Go into the world and shine...shine forever!!!

Thank you.


Little TekoJoyce was fortunate to win a scholarship under our initiatives. Read detail below:

With our Scholarship recipient, TekoJoyce, and family

Meet little TekoJoyce Tarwille, a 4th grade student at the Nyenoweh Eston Preparatory School on the GSA Road, Paynesville. She brilliantly introduced the Guest Speaker, our Executive Director, for the 4th Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony of the school
TekoJoyce is a brilliant young African girl. She is the winner of the school's annual Reading Competition. To crown all this up, TekoJoyce is an Honor Roll student. Due to her hard work, we are offering her a 50% scholarship for the next school year, under our UNTIL She / 1CHILD program.
Interestingly, we learned that TekoJoyce is currently on a 50% scholarship at the school. With our 50%, she now has a tuition free 2021/2022 school year. Congratulations, and keep working hard, TekoJoyce. Her parents were so happy, the entire family came to join the photo.
UNTIL She is given the opportunity to learn, impact, and lead, the world will never be a better place. Join us to raise powerful African leaders through our girls and women. You can educate and mentor just 1 girl this coming year. Thank you.

📷s by: Mr. Lekpele  Nyamalon 

@ Nyenoweh Eston Preporatory School

It was a joy to have been accompanied by my family.

It was a joy to have been accompanied by my family.

Guladia Nyamalon:
Speaker, Entrepreneur
Humanitarian, Justice Activist

Miss Liberia Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis Re-Introduced


"The sky is your limit" is fast becoming a cliché and and a thing of the past for African women across the continent. Such is the case of Mrs. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis who has crashed the proverbial glass ceiling, from a Beauty Queen to an Attorney-At-Law!!! Mrs. Weeks-Lewis emerged as the winner of the Miss Liberia Beauty Pageant in 2007. However, this did not serve as a source of satisfaction for the Queen.  

Miss Liberia 2006/2007-Bendu Parker Weeks

Her refusal to embrace that as her greatest accomplishment kept her focused on her education and attained her University Degree, thereafter moving on into the professional world as Director of Training/External Relations & Projects at the Internal Audit Agency in Liberia.

With no intension of making complacency her bedfellow, the former Miss Liberia  remained steadfast and moved, keeping her eyes on her goal which landed her into the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia. Her hard work paid off on August 6, 2021 when she graduated and got admitted into the Montserrado County Bar, thus becoming a full fledged member of the National Bar Association of Liberia. What's so intriguing about the attainment of this mighty feat is the fact that not only did Attorney Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis pass the test, she made it to the top with an average of 91% in six distinctive courses. Now this is remarkable!!! 

In a rather brief comment, the Queen announced her achievement by reintroducing herself: 

Ladies and Gentlemen, permit me to reintroduce myself. I am,
Atty. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis, Montserrado County Bar, Liberian National Bar Association, Have a great day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet your latest Attorney-At-Law, the beautiful Mrs. Bendu Parker Weeks-Lewis from Liberia, West Africa.



VIDEO: Hon. Moses Acarous Gray engages girlfriend in private ceremony in Abidjan

Hon. Moses Academia Gray, the Representative of District #8 in Montserrado County said goodbye to the motherland for a while to spend his 26 in neighboring Côte d'Ivoire. He travelled with his girlfriend on a romantic journey for the purpose of popping the question: "Will you marry me?" In a private ceremony, under romantic music, the Honorable proposed to the lovely Ms. Love Weah. 

Watch video and see pictures below:

Hon. Gray informed the world of his engagement with a very short note that reads: 


Only the two of us honey,

Love Weah ."

Love Weah also was not leaving behind with the announcement. She wrote: 

"Wish I could stop time and relive this moment over and over again. I get to do forever with my whole heart in human form. I love you honey. #GraysayIdo #2021"

Upon their arrival in the Ivory Coast for their engagement, Love Weah wrote:

"It took a lot to get here. First plane ✈️ next boat 🛥but we are here so let the relaxation begin. Thanks be to God for traveling mercies. After leaving #cotedivoire as a young girl in 1994 I finally return as a grown woman."

Karishma Pelham-Raad Awards 15 Scholarships to Liberia's Future Leaders

 The young female Representative Aspirant, Madam. Karishma Pelham-Raad, has awarded 15 scholarships to 15 children passing on to the 1st at the Joseph Parker Bordoe Memorial Institute (JOEBOR) School of Excellence  in the JJY Community, Gardnersville. Serving as the Motivational Speaker at its closing program this year, Madam Raad-Pelham delved into enlightening those young minds on the "Importance of Education".

 In her speech, she admonished the students that everything they do in their lives is driven by education, that's how important it is to be educated. She then made them to understand that if you educate a boy or a girl, you educate a nation, unlike the common saying that when you educate a boy, you educate an individual, but when you educate a girl, you educate a nation.

However, Madam Pelham-Raad placed special emphasis on the importance of girls' education. She went on to say that girls should not be deprived of education. In fact, she emphasized that it is very important to encourage females to become educated predominantly because [amongst other reasons] educated females generate more educated members of the family since they teach the children in the family with correct values.

Full text:

Good afternoon  respected Administrators, Teachers and Honourable Guests and the entire student body.

Today, am honored to be here as your “Motivational Speaker.

I will be speaking on the “importance of Education”.


Education is a term that we have grown up listening to since we were kids. Right from the beginning of childhood, till this very moment, we have been surrounded by Education and its need and importance. We have always been told by our parents, guardians and teachers that Education is essential and we should all take it seriously. But let us first address the matter of what is Education?

By definition, Education is the systematic mode via which students are instructed, and imparted knowledge in a school, college or any other institutional organisation. This is the simple definition of what the term Education implies. However, in practice, Education encompasses a holistic and wholesome training and development of an individual. Education is how an individual possesses knowledge about various aspects in life, becomes empowered and acquires the ability to think freely and uniquely.

Education is imparted to us in kindergarten, high school, university and throughout our lives on earth. Everything we do on a daily basis is connected to education. Eating, swimming, reading, speaking, driving, being respectful and understanding life from its different prospectives. But even apart from that, our very own lives teach us lessons. It is via the experience gathered in living daily life, through which we learn some of the most important and toughest lessons about life and existence. Education is essential because it leads to the development of the mind and the intellect. Education can hence be defined as a mode which helps in the overall growth and framing of an individual’s personality and intellectual potentiality. Keeping this view of Education in mind, we can well conclude that it is an essential phenomenon, and each human being should have the right to access proper and definitive Education.

The primary objective of Education is to impart knowledge. Education also has its fair share in building the thinking capacity of people’s minds. Hence, Education supplies people with knowledge and facts and also encourages them to integrate that acquired knowledge into practical and professional lives via necessary training. Education, thus, also plays a primary role in supporting the economic, social and cultural sector of a country.

The need to learn, develop and implement is yet another goal which Education fulfils. Apart from imparting knowledge, people are also vested in civic and social responsibilities. Education makes people aware of their duties and what is ethical and unethical in life. Training also helps in emotional integration. In a literary community, there exist no petty issues such as meaningless and irrational conflicts and contradictions. An educated population knows how to co-exist and cooperate with their peers and colleagues. Hence, to attain world peace, justice, freedom and equality, Education is essential. Everyone should have the right to educate themselves.

I will leave you with this, remember: When you educate a boy/girl child , you are actually educating an entire Nation.

 Education is an important part of human lives. Education and knowledge are not only essential for personal development, but it is also required for the development of the economy. Education nurtures an individual’s thinking and supplies them with the ability to think, act and grow in life. Education also empowers people and helps them become efficient in all aspects of living and experience in respective fields of work.

Education in childhood, and through Higher Secondary plays a vital role in the formative years of a children’s life. It shapes their personality, ability to work and helps them discover their true potential. Higher Education is essential for training and skill development. Hence Education, in all forms and at any point in life, plays an indispensable role in our lives


Our behaviour, our perception is what we have learned, either by getting instructions or by observing things around us. Education acts as a ladder that carries us to high limits. Without education and knowledge, we cannot contribute anything valuable to the world or earn money for leading our lives. Knowledge is the ultimate power.

The value of education helps us know about our capabilities to do something, and that’s why we can complete that extra mile. Education has a much higher value, but we can’t express that high value in words. It helps to erase negativity from our minds, doubts and fears what could lead us in our downfall. It helps us to be happy and prosperous in future along with making us better human beings. Education enlightens us and removes the darkness. That’s why we suddenly find this world very beautiful.

We can split the education system into three types that are formal, informal and non-formal education. The learning we get from school, colleges or universities is known as formal education. Informal education is what we earn throughout our life experiencing various things. It doesn’t follow any specific course or schedule.

Learning of informal Education does not end, and we keep on learning it as our lives go on. Non-formal education is often used replaced with terms such as community education, adult education, continuing education, and second-chance education.

Reading, writing, and understanding things are the first values that we receive from education. Most of the information is made by writing. If we don’t have writing skill, we will surely miss out on a lot of information. Accordingly, education makes people proper literate. Moreover, education is very crucial for employment in a country. Proper education gives us great opportunities to lead our lives in better ways.

We understand the values of education when we see people with jobs of high salary. Uneducated people suffer a lot when it comes to jobs due to a lack of education. Better communication is another role performed by education. It builds up and improves the speech of a person. Individuals who are educated can express their views efficiently and in clearly.

The values of education lie in spreading knowledge within people of our society. When one spreads knowledge that creates our environment, and this is one of the most remarkable aspects of education. Education brings in the evolution and innovation in different fields like technology, medicine, lifestyle, etc.

The more proper education we get, the more technology and knowledge will be spread. Moreover, the value of education plays a significant role in securing a country’s economic and social progress and improving people’s salary distribution.

The value of education is an essential ingredient for changing the world. It helps us to gather knowledge that can be used to make a better living. Most importantly, the value of education can never be harmed by any natural or human-made disaster. Education is the only way for the development of a society and the overall development of a nation also.

Most importantly, we will be looking at IMPORTANCE OF GIRLS EDUCATION;

Education for the girls is very important as they are also the part of our society. They are also the future of our country. Children are born from the women; for this reason, children are first encountered by their mother who is a woman.

In most cases, the women do not work after marriage. They look after the household work and look after the children. A child’s upbringing is dependent on the mother. For this reason, a woman or a girl should be educated from childhood, both academically and morally.

Even now in this era, in rural areas, the girls are restricted from studying. The girls should be given equal opportunities to study with the boys. The girls are also human beings and they also have the potential to study.

The girls should be given chance to become independent like the boys and let them complete their education before getting them married


*The girls also have the right to education similar to the boys. They should not be deprived of education.

*The girls are the future of the country. They are the ones who have to teach the children with correct values.

*To increase a nation’s literacy rate, the girls should be educated.

*Girls would become more careful about their hygiene if they are well educated.

*Gender equality gets importance if the girls are educated along with the boys.

*By educating the girls, the family will create a very good and useful human resource for the country.

*Educated girls generate more educated members of the family.

For the various reasons stated above, everyone must get access to Education.
Thus for a country that is filled with new and young minds, Education is essential.

Thank You


Nine WAEC staff members aboard distressed [ sinking ]vessel!!!


It has been reported that on July 17, 2021, the Liberia Maritime Authority received an alert that a vessel travelling from Monrovia to the port of Harper, Maryland County, is currently in a distressed situation on the seas. The vessel started to take in water and now, there is a search and rescue effort ongoing. 

However, what is striking about this issue is that there are nine staff members of the West African Examination Council, WAEC, onboard that vessel, in addition to nine other persons who are part of the crew members. Now, how those people got on the vessel to travel has confused the Maritime boss, Mr. Lenn Eugene Nagbe. According to Hon. Nagbe, that particular vessel, the NIKO INVANKA, was under a current detention order and was not allowed to sail, so how did it even get in the waters is an issue. Besides, this vessel was never allowed, permitted, or licensed to operate as a passenger carrier ever during it's lifetime. This means this vessel was never supposed to have those WAEC staff members on board in the first place

Even though the search and rescue efforts are still ongoing, which is paramount now, the Maritime boss has made it clear that this issue of transporting passengers, especially during a time that the vessel was detained and did not also have license to carry passengers, will be investigated.   

Full Press Statement (Text)

Press Statement On The Distress Incident Onboard Niko Ivanka 
Members of the press, the Liberia Maritime Authority regrets to inform the press and the general public that on July 17, 2021 at 1551hrs it received an alert from the Liberia Coast Guard through its Monrovia Regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Center informing about a distress situation onboard NIKO IVANKA, a locally registered vessel trading between the Ports of Monrovia and Harper own and operated by HYLAEA INC.

The information received indicates that the vessel departed the Port of Monrovia for Harper on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 0600hrs. The vessel while underway to Harper, about 6 nautical miles off the coast of Marshall City, reportedly started to take in water. The Liberia Maritime Authority, Ministry of National Defense, and Armed Forces of Liberia (Liberia Coast Guard), mobilized resources including assets and personnel and immediately commenced search and rescue operations to attend to the distressed vessel. It is important to state that Arcelor Mittal Liberia, Sea Shepard and other partners were immediately contacted to utilize their assets to assist in the search and rescue operations. Arcelor Mittal Liberia launched its two tugboats with Coast Guard personnel onboard from the Port of Buchanan to the reported scene of the incident between Buchanan and Marshall City.

The distressed vessel, NIKO IVANKA, had onboard a crew complement of nine persons based on the crewlist submitted by the Agent. Also, nine personnel of the West African Examination Council – Monrovia Office were onboard as passengers. The Liberia Maritime Authority wishes to state that the subject vessel was detained and not allowed to sail. Also, the vessel was at no time authorized or permitted to carry passengers or operate as a passenger vessel.
As it stands, we are pleased to inform the general public that search and rescue operations overnight rescued eleven persons and we are hopeful of recovering everyone, while the search and rescue operation is still ongoing.
Signed: __________________________
             Abdul D. Kanneh
Corporate Communications Manager, LiMA

Woman allegedly burns daughter of accused husband's lover to death


 This is evil and we demand justice!!! Little Princess,11, was allegedly killed by fire on the Old Road because one woman believes that Princess' mother is sleeping with her husband. What is this??? We need an update on this matter, Liberia National Police - LNP!!!

So the story is told that a certain woman who believes that Siennah Weaver [ Princess' mother ] is having an affair with her husband allegedly hired assassins to set Siennah's house ablaze to kill her. Unfortunately, Siennah was not at home, but her 11 years old baby girl, Princess Hilton, was asleep in the room. The baby got burned to death. How terrible!!!!

Even though one person has been arrested and is detained at the Zone 3 Police depot, we are saying this is not enough! We need that woman, whoever she is, to be found and she must bear the full weight of the law.
Justice Over Impunity!!!

 Source: Cable TV

Update on this story: Today [ July 13, 2021 ] we were able to speak with a first hand eye witness who also gave us the phone numbers of little Princess' mother and father.

Burned dead body of little Princess

 Viewers' discretion is advised cause the wordings here will be as brutal as the crime. This little girl was allegedly murdered by fire by one woman who accused her mother of sleeping with her husband. Princess was buried yesterday cause she was burned, how long can you keep such a body.😭😭😭
The woman is now in Police custody, The case has started, but she is denying.  

According to the latest information, read below:
The fire was apparently thrown into the room from through the window. Accordingly, Princess was not feeling well and her mother went on the road to get her some medicine. The fire started when Princess was asleep. The smoke and heat woke her up. She started yelling and crying that there was fire in the room with her. The people told her to open the door from inside, cause there was a latch from inside. But because it's a zinc round house, everything happened too fast and the latch was so hot. She tried, but the fire over powered her. Before anybody could help, the fire was just too much. According to eye witnesses, they heard the very loud sound of Princess' head as it burst before she finally died. Now imagine this was your child. Now the woman is denying and Sianneh might lose the case if we do not rally round her.    

This woman (name still unknown) accused Sianneh of sleeping with her husband. She then went to the community leader to warn this woman to leave her man cause the man has abandoned she and her 2 children. She threatened that they would not like what she would do if Sianneh doesn't leave her man. Next time, she went into the very yard Sianneh lived and spewed out threats all over the place. 2 days later, somebody threw fire in Sianneh's room and Princess is dead.

Now, do we need a rocket scientist to know who did it? But because the justice system in Liberia is so rotten, this alleged murderer might walk away if we do not help fight for Sianneh. Look at the house Sianneh lived in...a zinc round. This should tell you that this lady was struggling with her little girl.


Eulogy: GG was a first rate scholar - Lekpele M. Nyamalon


Eulogy to a scholar, friend, senior, big brother, family, professional, comrade, politician, Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II.
Where do I start, GG?
Some moments suck the life out of you and leave you gasping for hope, leave you in shock, denial, anger, sorrow, pain and the gruesome reality keeps lurking on. To express shock at the hand of death is naivety to the inevitability of death, the brevity of life. But sometimes the swift is cruel, savage and indiscriminate.  
It took a lot of time to process, recollect and come to terms to a high school ode, " God is taking us away, one by one." " We shall see his face"
With close to three decades of acquaintance, my most early vivid memory of GG was in 1995 when he was one of the Valedictorians of the graduating class of 1995! Short, chubby, strikingly handsome, sporting a mimic ray ban and a gold coloroed gown, he was one of the youngest members of his graduating class. Then a 7th grader, I was a member of the procession, along with my elder sister. Together, we led the parade,
"... we've come this far by faith"
Gboimah went on to earning a degree in Accounting in Abidjan, in a fully french Institution, Cuttington University, etc. For the record, GG was a first rate Scholar, an academic par excellence, a genuinely brilliant Liberian and he was fully bilingual with the French language, with proficiency in speaking, writing and reading.
I've known GG closely on multiple levels.
Many Liberians who interacted with him perhaps didn't get to experience the layers of this fine gentleman.
His politics was brutal, often going for the kill but beneath that grandiose social media firefight, he was all chill, unapologetically opinionated, with a brazen appetite for good food and a hearty laughter.
Liberia, the great people of Bong County, Protestant Methodist Resource Center School System, Cuttington campus school and Cuttington University have lost a revered scholar, fighter, and a friend.
Blessed memory GG!


Today we bury a Senior Scholar: Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II


It is a really rough day today, July 10, 2021, as we have all gathered at the St. Moses Funeral Parlour, and subsequently at the Johnsonville Cemetery to bury a Friend, Senior Scholar, Son, Brother, Mr. Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II. It is hard, Gboimah.


Me [Yellow Mask] , Gboimah's mother, next to me, his sister next, his father in white shirt standing opposite us.
Lady in white, a friend of the family. My brother is the one in the 2nd picture with us [selfie], wearing a brown hat and blue mask.

Me to Gboimah:

Gboimah, as you return to your Maker today, dust to dust, as He instructed, I just want to tell you that I miss you. You were my Senior Scholar at PMRC-SS in Danané, Côte d'Ivoire. Then you became my friend and remained my friend for 27 unbroken years. Were you perfect? Well, I don't know who is. But you were my friend. You would make me so mad then calm me down with that your laughter that nobody could resist. Then when you na do something crazy and you know I'm over plus vex, you would start speaking French to me as if to say da me and you went to learn French in Then we would end up doing French lessons...ayy my French Teacher😭

What many people don't know about you is that you were a great Scholar. You were an intelligent young boy who grew into a very intelligent man. You graduated as the Valedictorian of your class, something we both have in common. I think I followed in your footsteps, tho. Lol You then went on to Abidjan to study in French [on a scholarship, based off your academic excellence]. You did your Accounting course all in French, making you fully bilingual. Many don't know this! Afterwards you came back home and decided to study for another B.Sc. You went to Cuttington and graduated top of your class, SUMMA CUM. Many don't know this. You got your job with Maritime based off merit, they begged you to help out there because of your academic excellence. You had to choose cause you had too many offers. Many don't know this.

What I respect most about you is that you would take a decision and stand by it, come hell or high waters.

You made my teenage years interesting. Without you, I wouldn't have all those fond memories every blossoming teenager can be least I can explain my ownnor small girl time crazy stories too Thanks to you.


We were so close that many people thought I was your sister. Many people would call me Guladia Genegbanyan. I would just smile and say, "No, Nyamalon." Just this gone May, somebody called me Guladia Genegbanyan again. I just smiled and said "Nyamalon."

But come to think of it, you were actually my big brother cause you used to act like one Pa over me...talking about,  "Look, Tia, you better behave...You better stop acting confused and put yourself together. Wait na, you saka ehn..." Then I would laugh and say, "Look at my Pa ayy. You better move from here" Hahaha.

Man, you shock me. I called you that very week, on Thursday, the 24th. I don't know sef if you saw my missed calls. But then you didn't call back. I knew there was a problem, but I didn't for once think you were on a hospital bed fighting for your life cause you were not the sickly type. I called you again over and over on that very Saturday, the 26th, still no answer. I said to myself, let me not keep calling Gboimah yah. He will call me back when he gets ready, you know, cause that's what you would do. Least did I know you were never going to call back. Least did I know you had already left this world. Next thing I knew, your face was all over on Facebook, that you had passed. Can you imagine the shock? I only try to believe it when I spoke to Tony. But it's today I really believe that it's true.

I really wanted to tell you something. Right now, I have a million and 1 things to say, but who can I tell them to? Just greet my Pa for me. Yor mon not start fighting over there that all, the way two of yor wor full of it.

Just know that I respect your every decision you took. You explained to me and I understood. I am glad that in the midst of it all, we remained good friends.
You live in my heart forever, Biggie.
Only Me and You know.

In Loving Memory🙏:
Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II

Yours Respectfully,
Guladia Tia Nyamalon


Celebrating a great African woman: Yassah Lavelah


 Today we celebrate this great Liberian woman, 2020 Harvard product, 100% authentic Liberian. We say Happy Birthday, Ms. Yassah Lavelah. Yassah is a 2020 graduate of the Harvard Medical School with a Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery. Awesome!!!

Her story:

Yassah started her educational journey in a slum community in Woodcamp, Gobachop market area, Paynesville. Her love for maternal health was triggered by her mother's work as a certified midwife. Yassah watched her mother save the lives of many pregnant women in that community, right in her house, when she was barely 4 years old. As she grew, she pursued a degree in Nursing from the Cuttington University and then she came back and helped her mother graduate that little facility she had in the house into the MAVEE Maternal Empowerment Initiative, of which she now serves as the CEO.  
This was not enough for her, so in 2014, she applied for the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders program and became successful. She attended the Notre Dame University as a Mandela Washington Fellow. She completed during the heat of the Ebola pandemic and Liberia. She was offered an extended stay, which she rejected and opted to return home to help her people fight Ebola. Because of this great decision, her school rallied around her and collected about US$26,000.00 and purchased lots and lots of medical supplies and shipped them to her on a 40-foot container.

Few years later, in 2017, Yassah decided to push herself a bit more. She decided to attend the Harvard University. This was not an easy journey, as she had to beg lots and lots of people for help. Many turned her down, but with hard work and determination, she was able to raise the money she needed and enrolled at the Harvard Medical School. By 2020, Liberia had a proud Harvard graduate with Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery.

Immediately upon achieving this mighty feat, Yassah returned to her home country, Liberia, and got deeply involved with ensuring that pregnant women receive good health care. Yassah is driven by the belief that "no woman should lose her life while giving life to another". She quickly started lots of social work in this regard, her latest being the refurbishment of the Phebe Maternal Waiting Home where pregnant women are hosted whilst waiting their time to deliver their babies.

Yassah established the Comfort Closet at the Phebe Maternal Waiting Home, providing birth kits for the women because she believes strongly that every woman should have a decent delivery, thus the "#SayNoTo: Banana Bush Delivery, Bathroom Delivery, Home Delivery, and #YesToClinicsandHospitalDelivery project. Yassah's Comfort Closet is aimed at promoting skilled hospital delivery in Liberia. She has a dream that the Comfort Closet must reach every county in Liberia. Awesome!!! 

As if all this is not enough, Yassah is currently pursing another Graduate degree at the Temple University, this time around in Social Work. 

Need we say more? Liberia is extremely proud of you, Yassah, and we are celebrating you real passionately today. Do have a mighty great celebration. 
Happy, happy birthday!!!

First "She" Vice Chancellor at University of Ghana, Legon

  Women winning everywhere. I am so proud of the University of Ghana, Legon, my alma mater. Today, the first "She" Vice Chancellor...