‘This Is More Than Rape, It Is Murder’


As sorrow, heartbreak and anger grip the hearts of young women, mothers, children and even fathers over the horrific abuse of girls at the More Than Me Academy, social media has been inundated with comments and reactions since the release of the exposé by ProPublica.

A blogger, Guladia Nyamalon said after watching the video in her office, she broke into tears. “I couldn’t help it because I have an eight-year-old daughter. What if it was my child?” She asked herself.

According to Guladia, she went to the school that very day, October 12 to meet Katie and ask few questions but was denied from seeing her on grounds that they were in the media and couldn’t allow anybody see her.

“As early as 5 a.m. the next day, Oct 13, I decided to open the Facebook messenger page and add a few women I knew that felt the same way, to work with me so that we can add our voices to those of the many others and ask for justice for our girls”, She noted.

Out of this situation, Guladia has created a movement called “More Than Rape, More Than Sad” which is currently being used as a hashtag on Facebook.” The main purpose of the movement is to basically speak about rape cases in Liberia.

Guladia said she calls this “More Than Rape” because it’s beyond rape. It’s murder.

“These girls are stigmatized and it sometimes leads to suicide, they withdraw from society because they are being bullied and, worst of all, they get infected with HIV/AIDs and if not treated in time, the likelihood is death”, she lamented.

To create more publicity about this movement, Guladia said she has opened accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The most recent of them is a website to create more awareness on the issue. She further mentioned that she is using her platform as a blogger to discuss the causes, effects and prevention of rape.

“To keep this movement running, the CEO of the Giselle Magazine, Ms. Lydia Freeman brought Mr. Shadrick Addy on board and he quickly did our logo. Ms. Dede Dalmeida, the CEO at Dime Diva Promotions, was later added on and has proven to be very supportive,” Nyamalon said.

Other Liberians who have been pushing the movement are, Mrs. Joyce Jarwolo, head of the Public Health Initiative Liberia; Ms. Monique Yhap; Augustina Kou Monpleh, CEO of the Liberian Stars’ Views blog; and Mr. Vita Ishmael Tue.

Guladia Nyamalon (Savage Love) is a banking professional and a humanitarian, reaching out to children who need educational materials and other needs through her 1 CHILD charity organization. Besides being a banker and a humanitarian, she is also a celebrity blogger and a contributor to the Liberian Entertainment Industry by helping upcoming Liberian artists build their careers in ways to make them better placed to benefit from their talents.

Note: This article was originally published by the Liberia Observer Online: https://www.liberianobserver.com/news/this-is-more-than-rape-it-is-murder/ 

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