When love is not love - Guladia


When love is not love

By Guladia

You see love is special, love is kind and love is most definitely positive. Love is the single most powerful emotion that allows a person to be at his best. 


When a man meets a woman he loves, that woman will see paradise on earth. That home will be her Queendom. However, when a man meets a woman he 'needs' for a certain reason, he is so not able to pretend to love her for too long. Men are not good at pretending. A man who says to you he is unable to say 'I love you' or 'You're beautiful'....", and that he is unable to express his love for you but is very much able to express disdain towards you and is very much able to express disrespect towards you, girl, he is not the man for you. Walk away.



I've lived long enough to come to the realisation that love should not be stressful. If someone says he loves you, he will treat you right. If he doesn't treat you special, girl, walk away. The truth of the matter is a man knows exactly how to treat a woman he truly loves. 


If he is treating you ordinarily or out of order, chances are that he doesn't love you, but needs you.


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