Conversation with my small time girl friend


Hey Sweetie. Because I never reconnected with you since we parted ways during the war, I can only remember our small girls days. Those days when we were unripe little girls running around on the Phebe Island in Bong County...singing in the choir. You were a true Sweetie. Always smiling. Always making us laugh. But why you refused that money the Sunday School teacher was sharing on us that day after choir practice? Da Lekpele just reminded me about that oh. I guess that was the only day I saw you serious.
I heard about your illness from Korto when I was in Phebe in August. I asked Korto to give me her number so that she could reconnect us when I returned. When I was on my way that August 26, I turned to Facebook and saw that you had gone. I was so so sad! I only saw the face of that little girl, since 1994, and I wished I had made my trip back to Monrovia a few days earlier, just to see my little friend who was now a woman, one more time.

See, I didn't even know you were a nurse. I didn't know you had gotten married. I didn't know you had a sweet little daughter. Oh, I saw Delight today at your homegoing ceremony. I didn't know my friend was even in Liberia. I thought you were out of the country, cause you know most of the friends I disconnected from are in the States. See, it's so strange that our paths didn't even cross on Facebook, not even once. Probably that was because you had the name Mardee Amara Jones and me, I never knew you were now a Mrs. I only know Sweetie and Kemah from way way back. Facebook too never one day sent your profile across my timeline to say 'people you may know'.

Hardly do I take part in the viewing part, but I had to do that today. You know why? Cause I wanted to see your face one more time. You know what? Despite that viewing, I still see only my small girl friend's face in my head. It's been long, Sweetie. And it's going to be longer. And I'm going to treat this like we still haven't reconnected since 1994. You still live in my head and heart. I'll just go on thinking that you're somewhere, maybe you travelled or so. Yeah. That's how I'm going to treat it. Safe trip, Sweetie. Till we reconnect.

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