Bookman Muapoe to build Liberia's first Podcast/Spoken Work Studio

There is so much joy when one Liberian looks back from abroad to invest home. A Liberian based in the United States of America, who goes by the name Bookman Muapoe, has announced that he will be investing about 60K USD in his country Liberia, specifically Grand Bassa County, his County of origin. The purpose is to build a recording studio strictly for podcast, spoken word, skit, radio sweeper, commercial, and the likes, but not for music. This is awesome!!! This is actually going to be the first of its kind, especially to be situated outside of Monrovia.

Mr. Muapoe made the revelation on Saturday, December 5, 2020, via his official social media handle, Bookman Muapoe: "#TeamMUAPOE is thrilled to announce it will be investing a little over US sixty thousand dollars ($60,550.00) into building Liberia's first podcast/spoken word/drama/skit/radio sweeper/commercial, etc., but non-music recording studio stationed right in the heart of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County — away from Monrovia’s hustle and bustle."
"Provided more funding is secured, the studio would eventually expand into a licensed, multi-channel, nationwide frequency radio station, for which consultations have begun with local and state actors, rolling out in a 3-4 year period", he furthered. However, it is his hope that the podcast studio will be up and running by year two.

Bookman Muapoe, who is himself an Op-Ed Columnist, FMR podcast, hopes that this would be an initiative that would be owned by the community. His plans is not to own this investment, but to give it to the community so that young media talents would run it and make the best of their career via this initiative: "It is our hope that this project is not just embraced wholesomely, but it is transitioned into a community-based, run and operated initiative, harnessing the best local and national YOUNG media talents who’d stop at nothing to strengthen our nation’s democracy and its young, thriving theatrical industry."
Bookman Muapoe is a Liberian writer and a philanthropist who resides in Woodbury, Minnesota. He is currently the U.S. Permanent Representative, GNL Panelist and Regional COORD at Wilson Global Communications. He also happens to be a Minnesota Volunteer I-Reporter / Content Creator, Gatherer at CNN. Yes, you read that right! Not just that, Bookman is a U.S. Midwest Target Group Focal, Impact Research Associate at United Nations Human Rights!!!
He is a family man who loves his wife and children very much, as is shown in the way he consistently shows off (in a mighty good way) his beautiful family.

This is a great initiative and we wish you well, TeamMuapoe!!!


FamilyMan. MktgCom.Int’lRlsn|UDHR.IHL Major. Writer|Op-Ed Columnist. FMR Podcast|Radio|TV|Event Host.

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