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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but here it is:

To be able to breathe an air of freshness again…… 

Know ye today that you are not a mistake. You might have made some mistakes in your life and you want to give up now. DON’T!!! Your friends may judge you based on your mistakes. Your family may judge you based on those horrible mistakes you have made. The most important thing is do not judge yourself. You are not perfect so don’t put yourself in the prison of perfection, especially so when you have already suffered the consequences of your not continue suffering by allowing people to bring it up at every given opportunity and get away with it. Tell them that it's all in the past their facial expression...then smile.


Yes, those that judge you may not have done that particular thing they are judging you for. Yes, those that judge you may appear to be perfect. But hey, here’s the secret, they’re not perfect!!! They have their own mistakes and their own issues they are struggling with. They are just hiding them and using you to make themselves feel better. It's a mind's thing. Don’t allow anyone to continuously put you down because of your ugly past or terrible things you have done in the past. They want to break you down completely so that they can say, “I SAID SO”, and “I KNEW THAT’S HOW HE /SHE WAS GOING TO END UP”. Be smart not to allow them to say about you “I KNEW IT”. No, they knew nothing.


All you need to do now is work out your life for the better, that’s what you need to focus on now. Repent sincerely from your heart and move on. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will direct your every move. If you don’t let go of your past mistakes, they will be a hindrance to your beautiful future. Most people who never get their lives back are those who never tried all they could to let go of their past and close their ears to those who keep bringing them back up. 

Just get rid of pleasing people and living up to people’s expectation. People who constantly bring back your past do not care about you. Close your ears to them and brighten this new light you have found. Live your life to the fullest now. Chase your new dreams. Forgive yourself and embrace the new YOU. God, the Almighty, has forgiven you, and that's what really matters. Period!!!  


NOTE: Trust me, I've been there.

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