Woman gruesomely murdered and disfigured: See pictures



The gruesome murder of women and children is on the rise in Liberia. This is really getting out of hand!!! May 5, 2021 was another sad day for the women of Liberia. Madame Hawa Sackie was found dead, gruesomely murdered, and disfigured. This sad event occurred in a village in Bong County known as Kpakologoyata, somewhere in the Salala District.

Hawa was a strong business woman. According to relatives of the deceased, she received a call from a former business partner of hers, someone she knew all too well. She left her house around 7:00 A.M. to honor the call. That waa the end of Hawa Sackie. As it stands now, investigation is still on going. No suspect has been napped yet.




We demand a speedy investigation into this matter. May this situation not be swept under the rug like the many others we have fought for, and still no justice.

Rest in peace, Hawa. May justice prevail!!!

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