A Social Media Influencer with a Heart of Gold - Ms.Benita Whitney Urey


 Meet the beautiful Ms. Benita Whitney Urey, a social media influencer and a Brand, and of course, a celebrity. She is the founder and CEO of The Liberian Influence blog, one of the biggest Entertainment blogs in Liberia. She is also the CEO of IModils, a Modeling Agency, where she's raising young talents in the world of fashion and modeling.

Besides being all that, the young and beautiful Ms. Urey is a humanitarian. She has a heart of gold. She has been actively involved in advocacy, speaking out and fighting for vulnerable women and children in the society. She decided to take a step further to not only speak, but to also act out loud. By that, she established and launched the Healing Liberia Foundation to help save lives of sick needy people in need of healing. Since the establishment of the Healing Liberia Foundation, Benita has touched the lives of many Liberians in terms of providing medical treatment.

She has taken it a notch up, and 7 Liberians will be undergoing surgery this week to solve some long time problems they have been living with. These are people who were either born with or developed one kind of deformity or another, especially regarding the face. These 7 Liberians are going to be getting new faces. She got in contact with a doctor from outside Liberia, Dr. Freeman, who agreed to come to Liberia to perform the surgeries. In the midst of these difficult times of COVID-19, Dr. Freeman is actually currently in Liberia and he has started this work. How awesome!!!!

With so much joy, Ms. Urey expressed:
"If you’re close to me, you’d know that I’ve built personal relationships with all my patients so their well being means so much to me. I am starting off this week with a smile on my face because I know 7 Liberians will live a more “normal” life after these life changing surgeries."

We only need 10 of such kind hearted celebrities in Liberia who can use their influence to change lives and Liberia would be a better place for all of us!

We love you, Benita and we're so proud to have you as our WCW. We need you to know that the world is blessed to have you. Keep being kind. God bless you. ❤❤❤❤

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