Eulogy: GG was a first rate scholar - Lekpele M. Nyamalon


Eulogy to a scholar, friend, senior, big brother, family, professional, comrade, politician, Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II.
Where do I start, GG?
Some moments suck the life out of you and leave you gasping for hope, leave you in shock, denial, anger, sorrow, pain and the gruesome reality keeps lurking on. To express shock at the hand of death is naivety to the inevitability of death, the brevity of life. But sometimes the swift is cruel, savage and indiscriminate.  
It took a lot of time to process, recollect and come to terms to a high school ode, " God is taking us away, one by one." " We shall see his face"
With close to three decades of acquaintance, my most early vivid memory of GG was in 1995 when he was one of the Valedictorians of the graduating class of 1995! Short, chubby, strikingly handsome, sporting a mimic ray ban and a gold coloroed gown, he was one of the youngest members of his graduating class. Then a 7th grader, I was a member of the procession, along with my elder sister. Together, we led the parade,
"... we've come this far by faith"
Gboimah went on to earning a degree in Accounting in Abidjan, in a fully french Institution, Cuttington University, etc. For the record, GG was a first rate Scholar, an academic par excellence, a genuinely brilliant Liberian and he was fully bilingual with the French language, with proficiency in speaking, writing and reading.
I've known GG closely on multiple levels.
Many Liberians who interacted with him perhaps didn't get to experience the layers of this fine gentleman.
His politics was brutal, often going for the kill but beneath that grandiose social media firefight, he was all chill, unapologetically opinionated, with a brazen appetite for good food and a hearty laughter.
Liberia, the great people of Bong County, Protestant Methodist Resource Center School System, Cuttington campus school and Cuttington University have lost a revered scholar, fighter, and a friend.
Blessed memory GG!


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