Karishma Pelham-Raad Awards 15 Scholarships to Liberia's Future Leaders

 The young female Representative Aspirant, Madam. Karishma Pelham-Raad, has awarded 15 scholarships to 15 children passing on to the 1st at the Joseph Parker Bordoe Memorial Institute (JOEBOR) School of Excellence  in the JJY Community, Gardnersville. Serving as the Motivational Speaker at its closing program this year, Madam Raad-Pelham delved into enlightening those young minds on the "Importance of Education".

 In her speech, she admonished the students that everything they do in their lives is driven by education, that's how important it is to be educated. She then made them to understand that if you educate a boy or a girl, you educate a nation, unlike the common saying that when you educate a boy, you educate an individual, but when you educate a girl, you educate a nation.

However, Madam Pelham-Raad placed special emphasis on the importance of girls' education. She went on to say that girls should not be deprived of education. In fact, she emphasized that it is very important to encourage females to become educated predominantly because [amongst other reasons] educated females generate more educated members of the family since they teach the children in the family with correct values.

Full text:

Good afternoon  respected Administrators, Teachers and Honourable Guests and the entire student body.

Today, am honored to be here as your “Motivational Speaker.

I will be speaking on the “importance of Education”.


Education is a term that we have grown up listening to since we were kids. Right from the beginning of childhood, till this very moment, we have been surrounded by Education and its need and importance. We have always been told by our parents, guardians and teachers that Education is essential and we should all take it seriously. But let us first address the matter of what is Education?

By definition, Education is the systematic mode via which students are instructed, and imparted knowledge in a school, college or any other institutional organisation. This is the simple definition of what the term Education implies. However, in practice, Education encompasses a holistic and wholesome training and development of an individual. Education is how an individual possesses knowledge about various aspects in life, becomes empowered and acquires the ability to think freely and uniquely.

Education is imparted to us in kindergarten, high school, university and throughout our lives on earth. Everything we do on a daily basis is connected to education. Eating, swimming, reading, speaking, driving, being respectful and understanding life from its different prospectives. But even apart from that, our very own lives teach us lessons. It is via the experience gathered in living daily life, through which we learn some of the most important and toughest lessons about life and existence. Education is essential because it leads to the development of the mind and the intellect. Education can hence be defined as a mode which helps in the overall growth and framing of an individual’s personality and intellectual potentiality. Keeping this view of Education in mind, we can well conclude that it is an essential phenomenon, and each human being should have the right to access proper and definitive Education.

The primary objective of Education is to impart knowledge. Education also has its fair share in building the thinking capacity of people’s minds. Hence, Education supplies people with knowledge and facts and also encourages them to integrate that acquired knowledge into practical and professional lives via necessary training. Education, thus, also plays a primary role in supporting the economic, social and cultural sector of a country.

The need to learn, develop and implement is yet another goal which Education fulfils. Apart from imparting knowledge, people are also vested in civic and social responsibilities. Education makes people aware of their duties and what is ethical and unethical in life. Training also helps in emotional integration. In a literary community, there exist no petty issues such as meaningless and irrational conflicts and contradictions. An educated population knows how to co-exist and cooperate with their peers and colleagues. Hence, to attain world peace, justice, freedom and equality, Education is essential. Everyone should have the right to educate themselves.

I will leave you with this, remember: When you educate a boy/girl child , you are actually educating an entire Nation.

 Education is an important part of human lives. Education and knowledge are not only essential for personal development, but it is also required for the development of the economy. Education nurtures an individual’s thinking and supplies them with the ability to think, act and grow in life. Education also empowers people and helps them become efficient in all aspects of living and experience in respective fields of work.

Education in childhood, and through Higher Secondary plays a vital role in the formative years of a children’s life. It shapes their personality, ability to work and helps them discover their true potential. Higher Education is essential for training and skill development. Hence Education, in all forms and at any point in life, plays an indispensable role in our lives


Our behaviour, our perception is what we have learned, either by getting instructions or by observing things around us. Education acts as a ladder that carries us to high limits. Without education and knowledge, we cannot contribute anything valuable to the world or earn money for leading our lives. Knowledge is the ultimate power.

The value of education helps us know about our capabilities to do something, and that’s why we can complete that extra mile. Education has a much higher value, but we can’t express that high value in words. It helps to erase negativity from our minds, doubts and fears what could lead us in our downfall. It helps us to be happy and prosperous in future along with making us better human beings. Education enlightens us and removes the darkness. That’s why we suddenly find this world very beautiful.

We can split the education system into three types that are formal, informal and non-formal education. The learning we get from school, colleges or universities is known as formal education. Informal education is what we earn throughout our life experiencing various things. It doesn’t follow any specific course or schedule.

Learning of informal Education does not end, and we keep on learning it as our lives go on. Non-formal education is often used replaced with terms such as community education, adult education, continuing education, and second-chance education.

Reading, writing, and understanding things are the first values that we receive from education. Most of the information is made by writing. If we don’t have writing skill, we will surely miss out on a lot of information. Accordingly, education makes people proper literate. Moreover, education is very crucial for employment in a country. Proper education gives us great opportunities to lead our lives in better ways.

We understand the values of education when we see people with jobs of high salary. Uneducated people suffer a lot when it comes to jobs due to a lack of education. Better communication is another role performed by education. It builds up and improves the speech of a person. Individuals who are educated can express their views efficiently and in clearly.

The values of education lie in spreading knowledge within people of our society. When one spreads knowledge that creates our environment, and this is one of the most remarkable aspects of education. Education brings in the evolution and innovation in different fields like technology, medicine, lifestyle, etc.

The more proper education we get, the more technology and knowledge will be spread. Moreover, the value of education plays a significant role in securing a country’s economic and social progress and improving people’s salary distribution.

The value of education is an essential ingredient for changing the world. It helps us to gather knowledge that can be used to make a better living. Most importantly, the value of education can never be harmed by any natural or human-made disaster. Education is the only way for the development of a society and the overall development of a nation also.

Most importantly, we will be looking at IMPORTANCE OF GIRLS EDUCATION;

Education for the girls is very important as they are also the part of our society. They are also the future of our country. Children are born from the women; for this reason, children are first encountered by their mother who is a woman.

In most cases, the women do not work after marriage. They look after the household work and look after the children. A child’s upbringing is dependent on the mother. For this reason, a woman or a girl should be educated from childhood, both academically and morally.

Even now in this era, in rural areas, the girls are restricted from studying. The girls should be given equal opportunities to study with the boys. The girls are also human beings and they also have the potential to study.

The girls should be given chance to become independent like the boys and let them complete their education before getting them married


*The girls also have the right to education similar to the boys. They should not be deprived of education.

*The girls are the future of the country. They are the ones who have to teach the children with correct values.

*To increase a nation’s literacy rate, the girls should be educated.

*Girls would become more careful about their hygiene if they are well educated.

*Gender equality gets importance if the girls are educated along with the boys.

*By educating the girls, the family will create a very good and useful human resource for the country.

*Educated girls generate more educated members of the family.

For the various reasons stated above, everyone must get access to Education.
Thus for a country that is filled with new and young minds, Education is essential.

Thank You


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