The ever-green Gospel Ambassador Marron Cassell


Liberia's pride, the ever-green and inspirational Gospel Musician, Amb. Marron Cassell Official. Before you continue reading, kindly just hit this link and subscribe to her YouTube channel [ ].

This powerful Minister of the Gospel earned the title "Ambassador" when she released a blessing upon her Mother Land, a music in which she prophesied that Liberia is Lifted and that Liberia would Rise again from the ashes of war, shame, destruction, and every kind of negativity imaginable. This is a title the Liberian Diva and Icon did not struggle for at all, and nobody has been able to take away that title after her. Watch 'Liberia You Are Lifted' here [ ]

Her music is soul soothing, uplifting, and gives praises to her Maker. One of our favorites coming from the Gospel Ambassador is the music she calls SHILOH. Watch the video here and be blessed 👉 [ ].

Amb Marron Cassell is hardworking, as is evident by the fact that she remains a very relevant voice in the Liberian Gospel Music Industry decades later. She radiates hope and joy and is very loving and supportive of other artists. She has impacted the lives of many young upcoming stars as she is seen as a bacon of hope for many.

We celebrate you today, Amb. Marron Cassell and we are extremely proud of your achievements over the decades.


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