Today we bury a Senior Scholar: Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II


It is a really rough day today, July 10, 2021, as we have all gathered at the St. Moses Funeral Parlour, and subsequently at the Johnsonville Cemetery to bury a Friend, Senior Scholar, Son, Brother, Mr. Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II. It is hard, Gboimah.


Me [Yellow Mask] , Gboimah's mother, next to me, his sister next, his father in white shirt standing opposite us.
Lady in white, a friend of the family. My brother is the one in the 2nd picture with us [selfie], wearing a brown hat and blue mask.

Me to Gboimah:

Gboimah, as you return to your Maker today, dust to dust, as He instructed, I just want to tell you that I miss you. You were my Senior Scholar at PMRC-SS in Danané, Côte d'Ivoire. Then you became my friend and remained my friend for 27 unbroken years. Were you perfect? Well, I don't know who is. But you were my friend. You would make me so mad then calm me down with that your laughter that nobody could resist. Then when you na do something crazy and you know I'm over plus vex, you would start speaking French to me as if to say da me and you went to learn French in Then we would end up doing French lessons...ayy my French Teacher😭

What many people don't know about you is that you were a great Scholar. You were an intelligent young boy who grew into a very intelligent man. You graduated as the Valedictorian of your class, something we both have in common. I think I followed in your footsteps, tho. Lol You then went on to Abidjan to study in French [on a scholarship, based off your academic excellence]. You did your Accounting course all in French, making you fully bilingual. Many don't know this! Afterwards you came back home and decided to study for another B.Sc. You went to Cuttington and graduated top of your class, SUMMA CUM. Many don't know this. You got your job with Maritime based off merit, they begged you to help out there because of your academic excellence. You had to choose cause you had too many offers. Many don't know this.

What I respect most about you is that you would take a decision and stand by it, come hell or high waters.

You made my teenage years interesting. Without you, I wouldn't have all those fond memories every blossoming teenager can be least I can explain my ownnor small girl time crazy stories too Thanks to you.


We were so close that many people thought I was your sister. Many people would call me Guladia Genegbanyan. I would just smile and say, "No, Nyamalon." Just this gone May, somebody called me Guladia Genegbanyan again. I just smiled and said "Nyamalon."

But come to think of it, you were actually my big brother cause you used to act like one Pa over me...talking about,  "Look, Tia, you better behave...You better stop acting confused and put yourself together. Wait na, you saka ehn..." Then I would laugh and say, "Look at my Pa ayy. You better move from here" Hahaha.

Man, you shock me. I called you that very week, on Thursday, the 24th. I don't know sef if you saw my missed calls. But then you didn't call back. I knew there was a problem, but I didn't for once think you were on a hospital bed fighting for your life cause you were not the sickly type. I called you again over and over on that very Saturday, the 26th, still no answer. I said to myself, let me not keep calling Gboimah yah. He will call me back when he gets ready, you know, cause that's what you would do. Least did I know you were never going to call back. Least did I know you had already left this world. Next thing I knew, your face was all over on Facebook, that you had passed. Can you imagine the shock? I only try to believe it when I spoke to Tony. But it's today I really believe that it's true.

I really wanted to tell you something. Right now, I have a million and 1 things to say, but who can I tell them to? Just greet my Pa for me. Yor mon not start fighting over there that all, the way two of yor wor full of it.

Just know that I respect your every decision you took. You explained to me and I understood. I am glad that in the midst of it all, we remained good friends.
You live in my heart forever, Biggie.
Only Me and You know.

In Loving Memory🙏:
Gboimah T.K. Genegbanyan, II

Yours Respectfully,
Guladia Tia Nyamalon


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