Woman allegedly burns daughter of accused husband's lover to death


 This is evil and we demand justice!!! Little Princess,11, was allegedly killed by fire on the Old Road because one woman believes that Princess' mother is sleeping with her husband. What is this??? We need an update on this matter, Liberia National Police - LNP!!!

So the story is told that a certain woman who believes that Siennah Weaver [ Princess' mother ] is having an affair with her husband allegedly hired assassins to set Siennah's house ablaze to kill her. Unfortunately, Siennah was not at home, but her 11 years old baby girl, Princess Hilton, was asleep in the room. The baby got burned to death. How terrible!!!!

Even though one person has been arrested and is detained at the Zone 3 Police depot, we are saying this is not enough! We need that woman, whoever she is, to be found and she must bear the full weight of the law.
Justice Over Impunity!!!

 Source: Cable TV

Update on this story: Today [ July 13, 2021 ] we were able to speak with a first hand eye witness who also gave us the phone numbers of little Princess' mother and father.

Burned dead body of little Princess

 Viewers' discretion is advised cause the wordings here will be as brutal as the crime. This little girl was allegedly murdered by fire by one woman who accused her mother of sleeping with her husband. Princess was buried yesterday cause she was burned, how long can you keep such a body.😭😭😭
The woman is now in Police custody, The case has started, but she is denying.  

According to the latest information, read below:
The fire was apparently thrown into the room from through the window. Accordingly, Princess was not feeling well and her mother went on the road to get her some medicine. The fire started when Princess was asleep. The smoke and heat woke her up. She started yelling and crying that there was fire in the room with her. The people told her to open the door from inside, cause there was a latch from inside. But because it's a zinc round house, everything happened too fast and the latch was so hot. She tried, but the fire over powered her. Before anybody could help, the fire was just too much. According to eye witnesses, they heard the very loud sound of Princess' head as it burst before she finally died. Now imagine this was your child. Now the woman is denying and Sianneh might lose the case if we do not rally round her.    

This woman (name still unknown) accused Sianneh of sleeping with her husband. She then went to the community leader to warn this woman to leave her man cause the man has abandoned she and her 2 children. She threatened that they would not like what she would do if Sianneh doesn't leave her man. Next time, she went into the very yard Sianneh lived and spewed out threats all over the place. 2 days later, somebody threw fire in Sianneh's room and Princess is dead.

Now, do we need a rocket scientist to know who did it? But because the justice system in Liberia is so rotten, this alleged murderer might walk away if we do not help fight for Sianneh. Look at the house Sianneh lived in...a zinc round. This should tell you that this lady was struggling with her little girl.


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